Burnout among After-hours Home Visit Doctors in Australia

This study aims to assess the levels of burnout among Australian-based doctors involved in the service. A total of 168 valid questionnaires out of 300 were returned (56% response rate). The Total Maslach Mean Scores (MMS) obtained were 15.97 for Emotional Exhaustion (EE), 3.15 for Depersonalization (DP) and 40.39 for Personal Accomplishment (PA), signifying low-level burnouts in all three dimensions of the MBI. A majority (56.8%) of the responses were low-level burnout on the EE dimension, while 23.4 and 19.8%, respectively reported medium and high level burnouts. On the DP dimension, 87.6, 6.3 and 6.1 % of the responses were low, moderate and high level burnouts respectively, while the PA dimension recorded 86.4, 9.6 and 4.0%, respectively. Burnout levels are low while perceived achievements are high among doctors involved in after-hours house calls in Australia.