Our Mission:

To improve workers’ health and workplace safety on a global scale


About Us

The International Occupational Medicine Society Collaborative (IOMSC) is a medical and scientific organization that provides an assembly for representatives of occupational and environmental medicine (OEM) societies worldwide. We enable specialists to address issues and identify opportunities within their field while advancing the practice of evidence-based occupational medicine.

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Our Impact

In working with our colleagues around the world, we recognize that the potential impact from the power of prevention can be profound – reducing the burden of risk and illness in individuals and populations, improving the health and productivity of work forces, enhancing the vitality of national economies and ultimately, helping make the world a healthier and safer place.



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Our Projects

From advocacy to education, our work fosters collaboration among OEM physicians and provides resources for emerging OEM societies to enhance care wherever it is provided.



Advocacy Toolkit

Advocating for Occupational and Environmental Medicine: An IOMSC Toolkit for Occupational Medicine Societies

Occupational medicine (OM) societies have unique opportunities to take forward the mission of their organization by participating in effective advocacy. This document describes the basic elements of advocacy and describes some basic approaches, techniques and activities that may be particularly effective.

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Resources and Tools

Survey on Global Trends in Occupational Medicine

Global Trends in Occupational Medicine: Results of the IOMSC Survey

IOMSC surveyed its members in July 2015. Results indicated that worldwide, OM practitioners encounter similar issues and challenges including the growing complexity of diseases and illnesses; rapid change in workforce and population trends; and shifting legislative and economic policies that impact the profession.

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Professional Association Toolkit

A Toolkit for the Development of an Occupational Health and Medicine Professional Association

Associations are formed by individuals working in occupational health to facilitate their meeting and exchange of views, and their action to advance their objectives. This document provides a set of guidelines intended to provide assistance in developing an occupational health and medicine society or association.

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“We want people everywhere – especially governments, policy makers and employers – to understand the tremendous value occupational medicine physicians bring as we share the common goals of safeguarding and improving the health and well-being of people at work, enabling them to have more rewarding working lives.”

Dr. Richard Heron and Dr. Ron Loeppke / Co-Chairs, IOMSC