Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

September 27, 2018

This meeting focused on advocacy, capacity building, educational collaboration and the changing world of occupational health and medicine. Member countries also had the opportunity to share some of their accomplishments.

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

September 15, 2016

The IOMSC endorsed their constitution at this meeting and discussed successes, opportunities, and challenges of IOMSC member societies. There was also a discussion of sustaining the IOMSC with a framework for business operations. Several delegates presented possible future initiatives for the IOMSC.

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Washington, DC

May 6-7, 2015

The IOMSC continued to advance new thinking on key issues, including an effort to better define OEM including its role in health care and its impact around the world. Specific questions addressed during this meeting included:

  1. How can occupational and environmental medicine be best described?

  2. Why is it important to employers and governments?

  3. What impact does OEM have on workplace safety and health?

  4. What type of education is required to be considered an OEM practitioner?

  5. What are the roles and responsibilities of occupational medicine societies to promote and advocate the specialty both locally and internationally?

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London, England

June 28, 2014

This meeting built upon the dialogue of common global occupational health interests, opportunities and challenges and to address these issues by forming goals and standards for occupational medicine societies across the globe. Specifically, this meeting addressed:

  1. Communicating the value of OEM to employers, government, policy makers and others

  2. Defining the role of the occupational medicine society

  3. Educating practitioners

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Inaugural Meeting

Orlando, FL • May 1, 2013

At its inaugural meeting, the IOMSC discussed global issues in occupational and environmental medicine (OEM), establishing components of a healthy workplace, and the environment and infrastructure for the practice of OEM in member countries. We also discussed common challenges, opportunities, and potential goals for OEM globally.

meeting proceedings