About Membership

The IOMSC is a medical and scientific organization that provides an assembly for representatives of occupational and environmental medicine societies worldwide to:

  • Address and collaborate on issues of concern and opportunities;

  • Advance the specialty of occupational and environmental medicine; and

  • Promote the provision of evidence-based occupational medicine.


Active participation in the IOMSC is consistent with the goals of your Society. It provides a range of significant opportunities and benefits including:

  • Demonstrating international leadership in OEM,

  • Contributing to the advancement of OEM internationally,

  • Enhancing international networks and collaboration, and

  • Raising the profile and status of your Society internationally.


Member societies are asked to make a voluntary donation to help support the initiatives of IOMSC.


Interested in having your Society become a member of IOMSC? Contact Julie Ording (jording@acoem.org) for more information.


IOMSC Consensus Statement

OEM specialists worldwide share common goals of safeguarding and improving the health and well-being of people at work, enabling them to have more rewarding working lives. Success brings benefit to individuals and their families, to employers, to communities and to the economy at large. We seek to achieve these goals by ensuring safe and healthy work environments, promoting a balanced work-home life and psycho-social work environment, facilitating access to the personal health resources needed to keep employees healthy and prevent and/or manage chronic disease, and seeking to integrate workplace health with health in the home and in the community.